Networking & Relationship Building Training

Networking and relationship building is a great way to achieve results. We allow clients to improve results and achieve their goals through building relationships.

Building relationships and networking with stakeholders can be invaluable for your organisation. Unfortunately many people get stuck with awkward silences and don’t know how to network effectively. Hamish has grown Greenlight Communications almost exclusively through networking and can share information and tips with your teams to boost their results.

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Event Management and Public Speaking

The team at Greenlight Communications are experienced and well-equipped to help you with the organisation and running of your event – whether dinner function, conference, exhibition or festival.

Our knowledge and contacts allow for us to help you ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Should your event require an MC or Facilitator, Hamish Jones can help ensure your even flows smoothly.

Should you need an event Speaker, Hamish can speak on a number of topics.

Contact him on 0407098089 to discuss your needs.

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Web Design, Social Media & eNewsletters

Many website developers come from a position of Graphic Design. These designers often offer whizz bang features and pretty designs that are not truly beneficial to your clients or target audience.

We build websites with one thought in mind. Well, two thoughts. We build websites designed to increase traffic and increase conversions. This could be more visitors, more donations or increased influence. Our copy is designed to encourage action.

We combine these websites with social media campaigns and eNewsletter development.

If you are not in a position to create your own copy for these channels we can help here too.

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A website is a vital tool for every business and Greenlight Communications can provide you with a cost effective solution to market and grow your business.

Learn how your inbound sales leads can grow from effective and decisive digital marketing.

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Top Tips for Growing Your Facebook Fans.

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