Lead Generation techniques – MLM Secrets

Network Marketing and MLM seem scary and put many people off. It’s true that MLM can have some negative connotations that arise from bad practitioners but this does not mean that all businesses cannot learn from successful Network Marketers. The best MLM networkers implement a number of lead generation techniques to successfully grow their business. they don’t rely on pressure selling to friends and family.

Lead Generation Techniques that you can use starting today.

Here are some of the lead generation techniques used by the successful  entrepreneurs can learn from those who are excellent MLM practitioners in order to grow their own business:

Create content and be an authority figure

Cold-calling has lost its effectiveness as a lead generation technique. For many businesses it used to be the go to option as you could reach a number of prospects quite easily and cheaply without even leaving the office. It does still work as a lead generation technique but because it is overused now people are not as receptive to cold calling and telemarketing as they used to be. And why needs cold calling anyway? Chances are people are already looking for your product or service and you need to spend some time giving them a reason to choose you over your competitors. By creating content – whitepapers, ebooks etc – and writing articles for your local media or other authority sites you will begin to position yourself as an expert in your field. This means that your prospects will begin to trust you and, instead of selling to them, you will find that they come to you with their wallets open prepared to spend money.

Get active with social media as a lead generation technique

Social networking is not playing games on Facebook. It is not about collecting connections on LinkedIn. Social networking is about connecting in a meaningful way with people online that may want to buy your product or service. You should be active on social networking sites as they are already populated with your customers. Half the Australian population is on Facebook! Social Media and social networking can be one of your most effective lead generation techniques if used effectively

Deliver brochures in your local area

You should deliver brochures into letterboxes. If they weren’t effective, why would supermarkets still use them as a marketing tool? (What you have to remember is that supermarkets don’t use them as their only marketing tool!) Make sure you have professional looking brochures that are well designed and remember not to expect miracles.

Don’t ignore traditional advertising

Radio, television and newspapers are not as effective as they used to be but they can still be leveraged effectively. For example, instead of selling to a customer you may direct them to your website where you offer them a free whitepaper if they sign up to your newsletter. That way you can follow up with this prospect well after they have forgotten that they heard your radio advertisement and still potentially close a sale.

Start a blog

Like the more detailed content I have mentioned above you should also look at starting a blog. Search engines love blogs, especially if they are updated regularly. A regularly updated blog should rank highly in search engines, boost your traffic, and get you more prospects.

Use PPC advertising

You shouldn’t avoid search engine otpimisation in your lead generation activities but you should also consider PPC advertising – whether through social platforms like Facebook and Linkedin or whether through Google. PPC advertising is a great way to be seen quickly by your target audience.

This article has shared with you some great lead generation techniques. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.