Getting Started

We help you set goals for your LinkedIn Profile, understand LinkedIn’s power and develop the best strategy that will help you achieve your Results.

Building Your Profile

We go through a step by step guide to building your profile, identifying the key priorities for you and where you should concentrate your efforts

Growing Your Network

We give you tips on identifying your target network and growing your audience.


Lead Generation

We help you with strategies on how to reach key decision makers and strategies for contacting them.  


Reaching Out to People

We talk about template email scripts – when to use them, when to adapt them and when to throw them out the window.

Quick Content Tips

We show you how to quickly develop your reputation, in less than 60 minutes per week.

Becoming A Thought Leader

We help you identify what content you should be producing and where you should be sharing it.

Building Your Relationships

We show you how to strengthen relationships developed on LinkedIn, potentially moving them offline.

Book Now

We run courses monthly, except in December and January.