Search Engine Optimisation

If you aren’t appearing on the first page of Google you might just be wasting your time!

Basically, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a combination of content, page structure and links optimised to appear highly in the Search Engines. In Australia, this basically means Google as Google dominates Australia’s Search market!

The SEO game is constantly changing as Google changes its algorithms. You simply may not be able to keep up. Unfortunately though, the SEO game is vitally important when you consider that most people do not click past the first page of Google results!

Utilising our experience and the latest knowledge, we ensure that ethical methods are used so that your website will not be punished by Google and removed from their Search Engine results.

Our objectives are clear – to increase your Search Engine Ranking and to increase visitors to your website. To do this we cover the following process:

Research – We’ll help you come up with the right keywords that people are searching for in your industry. We’ll analyse your competitors and their SEO strategy.

Content Strategy – Once we’ve identified keywords, we work with our clients to develop a content strategy to help effectively deliver the desired objectives.

Linking Strategy – We find the right backlinks for your website in a way that is going to be viewed ethically and not frowned upon by Google.

Onsite Optimisation – We help work with you to structure your website in the best way to help maximise results. If you don’t currently have a website we can help you build one from scratch.

Ongoing Maintenance and Reporting – Things can, and do, change in Search Engine Optimisation. We ensure our SEO strategies are maintained and updated for when Google rolls out changes. We provide regular reporting to our clients so they are aware of the results we achieve for their business.

Every word must have a place! Don’t let anything go to waste!

If you’d like to find out more about our fixed price SEO packs and how we can help your business, please contact us using the contact form below.

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