Campaign Management & Publicity Generation

Whether your goal is to influence decision makers or get mainstream media coverage, the team at Greenlight Communications can come up with a plan for you. Whether boosting stakeholder engagement or changing behaviour, we can come up with a plan to influence behaviour and generate desired results.

By monitoring the results of our tactics we can also ensure that we are adaptable and can change tack as required.

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Web Design, Social Media & eNewsletters

For any business, NFP or other organisation, a website and social media presence is vital. If you do not have an online presence you will not achieve your desired results. We can help you develop your website, social media presence and eNewsletters.  We can aslo implement strategies for you to boost the results you see from these platforms. 

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Event Management and Public Speaking

The team at Greenlight Communications have over a decade’s experience in organising events – big and small. We can help you organise and manage your event. Should it be required, Greenlight Communications’ Hamish Jones can act as MC and Facilitator for your event.

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Media & Communications Training

Dealing with the media is important for many organisations. We can help you with media relations, social media strategies, public speaking and copywriting skils.

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Networking & Relationship Building Training

Building relationships and networking with stakeholders can be invaluable for your organisation. Unfortunately many people get stuck with awkward silences and don’t know how to network effectively. Hamish has grown Greenlight Communications almost exclusively through networking and can share information and tips with your teams to boost their results.

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