Social Media Management – Facebook for Business

Reading this article from Anna Spargo-Ryan yesterday got me thinking I should share it with you. It’s a good article and one that I think all business owners should take the time to read. It outlines the value of effective social media management and how it should be implemented across a business.

Ms Sutton has never had a transaction with a brand on Facebook that she did not have an existing relationship with away from social media.

Facebook can be an extension of great customer service but you need to understand the difference between a bought like and an earned like. There are businesses out there that can find you Fans, but what is the point of having thousands of fans if you can’t convert anyone. You are better to have 100 fans that actually engage with your brand than 1000 who don’t. Social media management is not just about getting more fans. It’s about connecting with the right people online and value adding to their experiences.

On another note, I want to get on my high horse about  those people who are putting signs out there saying Like us on Facebook, or Find us on Facebook. It’s all very well and good to have a social presence but if you want to engage customers and clients don’t tell them what they should do, tell them why they should be doing it. Like I have already mentioned, social media management is not just about likes. Why should I like your page? What’s in it for me?

You need to tell them how Facebook will value add to their business. If you need help implementing a more effective social media management strategy the team at Greenlight Communications today. Get in touch to find out how we can help you manage your social media profiles and better connect with your customers and prospects.