Sponsorship and Fundraising

Are you a local community group of sporting organisation? – Let us help you find Companies that Sponsor

At Greenlight Communications we understand sponsorship. We’ve seen it from both sides – through sponsoring events and groups as well as through sitting on the board of charitable organisations seeking corproate sponsorship

We know that sporting teams, theatre groups and other community organisations are always on the lookout for sponsorship opportunities. We also know there are companies that sponsor these groups. The problem is that there is often a disconnect between those groups seeking sponsorship and those who want to sponsor them. We want to dreate the bridge between these groups.

Our mission is to connect teams or groups who are looking for sponsorship with those companies that have money to spend.

Here’s how Greenlight Communications can help

Develop sponsorship agreements- We help clubs and groups develop the right sponsorship contract and fundraising letters and propisitons. It is best to clearly ensure that any potential sponsors know exactly what they will get for an agreement. This can also help you define as a club or group exactly what resources you have to offer companies that sponsor. This brainstorming session alone may help you open up new sponsorship opportunities that you didn’t even know existed.

Develop a sponsor prospecting list that suits your organisation – Sporting teams and community groups are generally volunteer driven and those who do offer to sit on the committee may not have the time nor expertise to approach sponsors. And, if they are seeking sponsors it is generally a haphazard approach That is where Greenlight Communications fits in. We will help you identify the types of businesses that will suit your organisation and we help you develop a prospecting list to approach.

Service relationship with sponsorship companies- Once you have signed up a sponsor it should not be too hard to keep them but many teams and groups lose sponsors almost immediately after that 1st season. This is because many sponsors feel unloved and feel that they are not getting value for money from their sponsorship. As part of the service provided, Greenlight Communications will service your sponsors and make sure that they are happy.

If you are on the Committee of a sporting or community group and would like to chat to the team, please contact us.

Are you a local business looking at leveraging sponsorship as a potential marketing opportunity? We can help you identify and leverage your opportunities.

Here’s what we can offer:

Sponsorship Planning and Opportunity Identification – At Greenlight Communications we firmly believe that any company can benefit from Sponsoring a sporting team or community group however it is important to ensure you identify the right opportunity. We help you develop the value proposition associated with sponsorship for your business and we help you systemise the process so it is easy to get value from your agreement.

Planning and Execution of Sponsorship Leverage – Your sponsorship package should be more than what is written down in the official sponsorship agreement. As a sponsor you do have a responsibility to leverage the opprtunities put forward to you fully. We can help you identify opportunities to leverage your sponsorship agreements.

If you are looking to sponsor a sporting or community group and would like to chat to the team, please contact us.