Top Tips for Growing Your Facebook Fans.

Top Tips for Growing Your Facebook Fans.

It’s easy to get Facebook Fans. You can go to the website Fiverr and buy Facebook Fans. This may make you feel good as a vanity exercise but it is pretty much useless. You get nothing from buying fans and it’s not going to make you any money.

The purpose of this article is to get you USEFUL Facebook Fans. You can grow your Facebook Fans but it’s important to remember that growing Fans is not the only measure of success. It is more important to look at Facebook Engagement. There’s no point collecting Facebook Fans unless you are interacting with your fans.

We could give you hundreds of tips on getting more Facebook Fans but you are a busy business owners. You don’t have time to read through all of these tips and then implement them so just follow the tips I have outlined below – they are simple and effective. Here are some of the reasons that you may want more fans.

Real Relationships can be developed – Facebook is a community and communities form around relationships. You can build quality relationships with fans if you provide them with great information. If you become the go to guy your relationships will grow quickly.

Fans can be used for lead generation – One reason for gaining quality fans is that they can become an important tool for lead generation. If you can get them on Facebook, which you don’t own, and you can use Facebook as a tool for brand recognition, you can then utilise a number of techniques to get these Facebook Fans to sign up to your email newsletter.

Fan Only Ad Campaigns are well targeted – Progressive changes by Facebook mean that oftentimes you need to pay money for advertising. If you grow your fans you can offer targeted ads to your fans – these are better targeted and cheaper ads than if you were making less targeted ads.

Okay, so now that we have established why you need more and better quality Facebook Fans (well it could be twitter followers or LinkedIN page followers as well) let’s look at some simple ways to grow your Fan Numbers:

Look at what you are posting – The best way to achieve organic growth on Facebook is to publish interesting and relevant content. Be brutally honest with yourself. Check the last 10 posts that you have made. Would you normally interact with these posts? If these are not posts that you would normally interact with if others had made them, why should individuals interact with your business? There are different views on how often you should post content to your Facebook Page. You should post at least once per day but it may be that you should post up to 5 times per day depending on your industry and your fans. The purpose of Facebook Posts is to encourage activity. You want Fans to like, comment or share your posts.

Link to your Facebook Page – You should like to your Facebook Page from your email signatures, in your personal Facebook profile and in other locations. You should also link to your Facebook Page from your website.

Brand your Facebook Page with a professional looking cover image – There’s nothing more off putting than a badly designed Facebook Page. Do yourself a favour and get a professionally designed Facebook Header image.

So, before I leave you today, here’s a quick recap. You need to make sure you concentrate on quality fans, not just on quantity. Also, remember that you should write the types of content that you would normally interact with yourself.