Are you an evangelist, a preacher, a spammer or just full of sh1t?

Worse still, are you not even part of the conversation?

Late Gen Y and the Millennial Generation hate talking on the phone. Telemarketing doesn’t work and even networking via an unexpected phone call is out of the question. Don’t believe me? Check out this article.

These guys, the up and coming decision makers in business have the latest and greatest smart phones, they just aren’t talking on them. I’m one of these guys. I don’t talk on the phone. I text, I WhatsApp, I get on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Occasionally I even use that antiquated tool called email.

Social Media is where it’s at. It’s where people connect these days and it’s where people build relationships. Are you there building relationships?

Someone new to social media may be inclined to preach AT their audience. This will not be successful. You need to engage in a two way conversation. You want to get involved in one on one conversations with potential clients or existing customers.

Social Media is part of the daily life of the decision makers of tomorrow. They spend more time online then they do having a real conversation – i.e. face to face, speaking real words. So you need to make sure Social Media is part of your overall marketing strategy.

If you don’t you’re missing out!

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