Facebook for Business – 3 Steps to Success.

This article is about Facebook Pages. I am not going to talk about groups or personal profiles, although we will discuss these at a later date. The article is about using Facebook for Business and the 3 steps required for success. If you follow these steps you improve your chances of success and will be able to better reach and engage with your target market.

The 3 steps for success are outlined below:

Building your Facebook Page – Without a Facebook Page, you will struggle for success on Facebook. You need to build your page and update it regularly.¬† You need to create a cover photo, have an image as your page’s profile picture and make sure the about us section is filled in correctly. There are some rules about Facebook Cover images and you need to ensure that you follow these rules. Successful Facebook Page updates are short and visual (you need to use lots of images for a successful Facebook Page so if you are not proficient with Photoshop you need to engage someone who is. Facebook also provides you with useful insights so you can quickly learn what is the best time of day to schedule a post for peak interaction with Fans. It is important that you also set up your own Facebook unique URL.¬† You can go to facebook.com/username to set this up.

Connect & Engage РOnce you have created a page, you need Fans for your page. There are a number of ways that you can get Fans. You can invite friends and family, you can send emails to existing clients and you can pay for Ads. Facebook Ads are a cost effective way to reach a new audience. You can target ads by age, location and interest so you can best ensure that you are talking to the ideal prospects for your business. As mentioned, short and visual posts are your best option but they need to be posts that engage your audience. To be successful on Facebook  you need interaction. This is vital.

Increase your fan base – When people interact with your Page, their friends can see it in their News Feed as a story. Word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising. You can increase your Fan base by working with Facebook to promote stories of people interacting with your page.

Every business can benefit from being on Facebook if managed effectively. Word of mouth advertising is the best advertising and Facebook is a great platform to manage your word of mouth advertising. If you are skeptical about the value of Facebook just look at the statistics – there are over 1 billion active Facebook users worldwide. There are over 12.8 million active users in Australia. That is more than half the Australian population.

If you want to discuss how Facebook can be better integrated into your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.