Social Networking for Business

Social networking for business is increasingly important. The statistics speak for themselves. If you are in Australia, over 50% of the Australian population has a Facebook account. If Facebook was a country it would be the world’s third largest (bigger than the population of the USA and quickly closing in on China and India.)

It’s not just Facebook. Hours of content are uploaded to Youtube every day. millions of tweets are sent every day. Social media is revolutionising the way we communicate.

You need a social networking for business presence and we can help you build and grow your presence. People are spending hours per month on Social networking sites. No wonder Social networking for business is growing in importance.

Social networking for Business – What can it offer.

Social networking for business is an incredibly powerful tool. Social networking tools have enabled businesses to extend their reach and connect with their customers and prospects through communities never thought possible before. The connection between customer and brand (hopefully your brand) is immediate and it is personal. This is extremely powerful and goes some way to explaining why social networking for business is becoming more and more important.

Social networking for business is effective for marketing and for sales.

Millions of Facebook and Twitter users can be prospects, but they can also become your biggest fans – they can share your products with their own networks and a personal recommendation is much more powerful than you trying to ram your product or service down a prospects throat. if social networking for business is not a key feature of your marketing budget going forwards you will miss out on customers as your competitors thrive.

If you see the value of social networking for business but you are not sure where to start, the team at Greenlight Communications are who you should call. We have expertise in all social networking for business platforms and can tailor a solution to your need. We can train you in implementing your on social networking for business strategy or, if you are time poor and want to concentrate on what you do best, we can manage your social networking for business strategy as well. We can deliver measurable results for you and help your business soar.